Fight the Coronavirus [10 Ways to Boost Your Immune System]

Without a coronavirus vaccine, it’s up to each one of us to make sure we maintain social distancing and strengthen our immunity. What can you do to make sure you have a robust immune system? Doctor Irminne Van Dyken, MD, recommends several things you can do to make sure you’re in the best shape.

by Richard Lewis,, Update: March 28, 2020

For millions told to self-isolate during the Coronavirus pandemic, the shift in routine is dramatic. With change comes ambiguity. Many are resilient, maintaining a positive spirit. Those that can are work from home, with family’s doing their best to occupy their children. Hundreds of thousands are volunteering to help public health services.

But what about the many that are unable to work from home and are left worrying about their future? Some governments have risen to the occasion with financial assistance, others have left the self-employed facing financial ruin and poverty.

Millions are in a health and financial survival mode. If you’re not strapped for money and can afford groceries, it’s essential to try and lead a healthy lifestyle and use your time wisely. Sitting around and moping will only make matters worse.

It’s easy to drift towards eating junk food, drinking alcohol to drown the pain of uncertainty. Even worse, if you have the money, allow yourself to zone out on recreational drugs. Doing so may numb the pain for a while, but long-term use will only lead to a lack of purpose, productivity, paranoia, and depression. Alcohol, drugs, and inactivity all weaken the immune system, which is discussed later on in further detail.

If you’re in lock-down, it may go on for a while, but unlikely to go on forever. It’s easy to slip into conversations, moaning about what’s going on. But complaining won’t solve your problems. It means taking responsibility to make the best of things by positioning yourself to survive financially, physically, and mentally.

It may mean finding radical ways of occupying your time and being open to new (legal) ways of earning a living. For example, by volunteering to help public services, you may inadvertently find new opportunities. Serendipity brings about new ideas and connections with people…

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